Lois Schindeler is a young woman born in 1995 in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. From her childhood on she’s been a creative individual, always drawing and painting since the day she could hold a pencil.

“As a kid I was always busy creating things. Wether it was drawing and painting, making pictures on analog cameras or playing The Sims and decorating houses for hours. I was a dreamy kid that couldn’t stop creating. And I didn’t stop after I grew older (well, not playing The Sims anymore). I think in a way I'm creating more now. Not only with drawing and painting, but also in my job as a model where I'm part of the creative process to make a beautiful image. 

Next to creating her own collections, she loves to talk to people about their dreams for a personalised artwork.

“I think art is something we make and share together and to be asked to create an artpiece for someone is a big honor. I love to broaden my horizon with how other people see and feel art.”

Besides traveling the world as a model, she has her homebase and studio in Amsterdam. While traveling she finds inspiration that comes together as an artpiece at home.

During my travels I find a lot of inspiration. The places I go to are often incredibly beautiful. Especially during the sunrises and sunsets i feel most inspired by the natural light.

I spend a lot of time in the outdoors in my spare time.The organic shapes and colours found in nature are a big part of what inspires me. The peaceful feeling and rawness nature can give one is something i really try to emphasize in my work. If an artwork has something timeless about it, it's like nature to me. Because the beauty of Mother Earth never seems to bore me.